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HDDisc.US provides information about utilizing disc media for high definition video production in professional as well as in consumer (home) based environments.  

High-Def disc media such as the Blu-ray Disc (BD) format, although offering the best and most convenient means of video presentation archival, as well as portability, is actually quite expensive. Websites such as HDTVDisc discus how to use DVDs to circumvent the increased expense of building a large library of top-notch quality high definition home movies or video production clip.

But Sony's Blu-ray Disc (BD) format has won the platform wars for movie and video disc media in the entertainment sector.  It's closest competitor, the HD-DVD (High Definition Digital Video Disc) platform was a good format, but was developed on older technology which didn't offer the massive amounts of data which BD does. This was, at the time, a good decision for the entertainment industry as we transitioned from and analogue video signal into the digital age.  Still, all this new technology comes at a premium pricetag which has not seen much relaxation since the platform was introduced.  

This website discusses the high-def video disc market, the need for inexpensive digital archival, the new doors opened by streamed video delivery, as well as alternative options.

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